Jenise May

Jenise May, has been named the Executive Director of the Colorado Association of Family and Children’s Agencies (CAFCA).

CAFCA’s former Executive Director, Dr. Skip Barber, who retires at the end of the year, delivered the news in the following announcement to CAFCA’s members:

“The CAFCA Board of Directors have finalized the succession plans for the organization as I retire at the end of the year. I am excited to share with you that the Board has signed a contract with Michael Best Strategies to make Jenise May the new Executive Director of CAFCA. I worked very closely with Jenise over the last two years since she has been our primary lobbyist and have known her for over twenty years. Jenise May was formerly a legislator and served on the Joint Budget Committee. Before that she was the deputy director at the Colorado State Department of Human Services and had also served as the head of the CORE services programs.”

“I think that Jenise’s appointment as the next Executive Director at CAFCA is ideal. No one has more knowledge of our industry, the Department and the legislature.” – Dr. Skip Barber

“She has great influence and very positive relationships throughout the state. She was very influential in our being able to secure our new rates of reimbursement. She brings great expertise to the position and will provide strong leadership and continuity to our organization. She is well equipped to build relationships with the new administration and expand the base of CAFCA potential membership.”

The Colorado Association of Family and Children’s Agencies is a coalition of non-for-profit advocacy organizations uniting together to develop the best care possible for Colorado’s children and their families. Created in 1982, CAFCA advocates for child welfare services in Colorado’s state and local governments in order to strengthen the child welfare system. The Association also conducts training, education and research to promote standards and best practices in child welfare.