OnRamp Healthcare

The June 2019 OnRamp Healthcare conference drew healthcare startups, provider systems, payer systems, health plans, and investors/venture capitalists from across North America in Green Bay, WI. The highly anticipated innovation event featured panel discussions, one-on-one pitch sessions between startups and consultants/venture capital executives, and 15 minute meeting sessions to discuss potential synergy between key healthcare stakeholders and up and coming entrepreneurs. The event raved success as hundreds of groups networked, pitched, and exchanged information to further discuss partnerships.

The Michael Best Strategies team was privileged to host nearly 80 startups from all different areas of healthcare in the Startup Lounge, where startups exchanged ideas with the Michael Best healthcare consulting team and took pictures in front of a Lambeau backdrop, and looks forward to another successful event hosted by gener8tor in the coming year.

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Bio Link As a Senior Business Development Executive with Strategies, Hannah manages business development opportunities, supports client relationships, and provides healthcare consulting services as a member of the Business and Community Solutions team. She is also a registered lobbyist for Michael Best Strategies. Expertise: Business Growth Strategy, Healthcare Startups and Innovation, Higher Education