We see them all the time in the news—a company facing a crisis.  It’s enough to send a shiver down the spine of any executive.  But what is truly a crisis?  And how should you respond?

A crisis is defined as any event that includes one or more of the following:

  • Something disastrous has happened – people have been hurt and/or there are fatalities; property has been severely damaged; and/or there is likely to become a dangerous or threatening situation.
  • Both mainstream media and social media are likely to become aware of an event and will report on it, comment on it and ask questions and/or bring attention to the situation.
  • Outside agencies such as law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, regulatory or other local, state or federal response organizations have become or are most certainly likely to become involved in responding to the event.

Preparing for a crisis and responding to a crisis are both equally important.  As the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden said, “Failure to prepare is preparing to fail.”  Having a plan in place will allow a company and its leaders respond quickly and efficiently.  The company should be focused on resolving the crisis and preserving the company’s reputation.

Is your company facing a crisis?  Or looking to put a plan in place and train employees to help respond to one in the future?  Contact Michael Best Strategies Crisis Communications Team of Evan Zeppos and Jeff Gallagher to learn more about how they can help you out.