Access to actionable intelligence about your competitors is mission critical in today’s crowded and dynamic marketplace. Not only are your competitors becoming more numerous, they are becoming more competitively savvy.

The good news is there is no shortage of data and information you can use to your advantage. Across their websites, social media platforms, marketing campaigns, investor presentations, partner networks and more, your competitors are constantly growing their digital footprints. Competitive intelligence helps you accurately assess your competitors, their financial capacity and management capabilities to deliver on their intentions. 

The Michael Best Strategies Communications team partners with clients to understand their competitive set, and works with them to gather, track and analyze competitive intelligence to better inform key business decisions. This program will cover:

  • Effective methods and tools to gather, track and analyze competitive intelligence.
  • Practical examples of how companies use competitive intelligence in strategic planning and marketing campaigns, as well as merger and acquisition plans.
  • Useful information sources on your competitors’ words and actions.
  • A framework for competitive intelligence.

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Bio Link Jeffrey has more than 30 years of professional experience in public relations, public affairs, and marketing campaigns in both the public and private sectors, specializing in the healthcare, financial services, professional services, real estate, and construction industries. He teaches clients how what they say and do is just one element of many that combine to create the public image of a company. Expertise: Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Public Relations, and Crisis Communications
Bio Link Joe is a senior-level strategist with significant statewide experience leading organizations and public relations efforts. He advises companies, nonprofits, and professional associations on public affairs and strategic communications matters. Expertise: Public Affairs, Media Relations, Public Relations, Crisis Communications, and Grassroots Coalition Building
Bio Link Margaret is a seasoned public relations professional with a reputation for delivering measureable success on client objectives. She has considerable experience with media relations and strategic marketing campaigns on both local and national levels. Expertise: Public Affairs, Public Relations, Media Relations, Branding, Crisis Communication, and Market Research