Tim Michels released his blueprint to improve transparency in government and increase restrictions on lobbying as part of an effort to “drain the Madison swamp.”

In a press release, Michels said that “Madison insiders have crafted a system that benefits themselves, at the expense of the people” and that “politicians spend more time making promises to special interest groups instead of crafting good public policy solutions.”

The press release identifies five key points of the blueprint:

  • Ban former legislators and senior administration officials from lobbying for two years after leaving their position.
  • Prohibit fundraising event sponsorship by political action committees (PACs) that are controlled by lobbyists.
  • Extend the ban on lobbyist political contributions to June 1st of every election year.
  • End the contribution loophole for the spouses of lobbyists.
  • Impose greater transparency and reporting requirements for campaigns and lobbyists, including monthly contribution reports for campaigns.

More details and additional points from the blueprint can be found on Michels’ campaign website.

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