Following Sarah Godlewski’s announcement last Friday that she would be exiting the U.S. Senate race, Mandela Barnes became the last remaining frontrunner for the Democratic primary. Following Godlewski’s exit, Senator Tammy Baldwin announced that she was endorsing Lt. Governor Barnes, noting that he has “shown an unprecedented ability to unite Wisconsinites.” Barnes’ former running mate, Governor Tony Evers, also announced that he would be endorsing Barnes, stating that Senator Baldwin needs a partner in Washington D.C.

Remaining in the Democratic primary race are Steven Olikara, Kou Lee, Peter Peckarsky, and Darrell Williams, all of whom are polling under 1%. In a statement, Olikara said that “Undecided voters and former supporters of other campaigns are breaking for our campaign. Anyone who has been on the campaign trail knows that we are surging.”

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