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Statewide office and legislative primary elections were held yesterday, Tuesday August 9th, 2022.

Below are the currently projected winners of the partisan primary races:

  • GOVERNOR: Tim Michels, 47.2%
  • GOP LT. GOVERNOR: Roger Roth, 30.1%
  • DEM LT. GOVERNOR: Sara Rodriguez, 76.5%
  • ATTORNEY GENERAL: Eric Toney, 37.5%
  • GOP SECRETARY OF STATE: Amy Loudenbeck, 46.3%


Republican Gubernatorial Primary


Tim Michels, 47.2%

Rebecca Kleefisch, 42.0%

Tim Ramthun, 6.0%

Construction executive Tim Michels secured victory in the Republican Gubernatorial Primary over former Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch and state Representative Timothy Ramthun. Michels, a businessman, defeated Kleefisch by five point

In her speech conceding victory to Michels late Tuesday evening, Kleefisch thanked her supporters for “leaving it all on the field.” She additionally said that she will go on to support Michels and urged her supporters to do the same, saying that the “fight now is truly against Tony Evers and the liberals who want to take away our way of life.”

Michels, in his victory speech, said he wants to restore executive leadership to the Governor’s office and address the concerns of everyday Wisconsinites that have been ignored by the Democratic party.

Michels will now turn his full attention to the upcoming November matchup with Governor Tony Evers. In the last head-to-head hypothetical gubernatorial matchup, the June MU Law School poll found Evers leading Michels by seven points, 47% to 41%. MU Law School will release their first poll post the August 9th Primary Election, next Wednesday, August 17th.

Although Evers has a head start in fundraising with nearly $8 million cash on hand, Michels has significant personal wealth to draw on that will even out the playing field. In addition to this in March, the Republican Governors Association announced that it was going to spend $6.8 million in Wisconsin on advertising. Similarly, the Democratic Governors Association announced that it is going to spend $21 million on advertising in Wisconsin.

However, Michels’ campaign announced on election night his campaign would now accept donations of up to $20,000, the maximum allowed under Wisconsin law. Michels’ campaign manager Patrick McNulty said, “while the ban on contributions to our campaign from PACs and registered lobbyists will remain, going forward we will accept contributions from individuals up to Wisconsin’s legal limit. The stakes in this election are simply too high.”

Republican Lieutenant Governor Primary



Roger Roth: 30.1%
Pat Testin: 18.3%
Cindy Werner: 13.6%
Jonathan Wichmann: 13.4%
Will Martin: 9.2%

State Senator Roger won the Republican Lieutenant Governor Primary beating out seven other candidates to clinch the nomination. Roth collected 30.1% to the nearest vote-getter Testin’s 18.3%.

Sen. Roth released the following statement on his victory:

“Thank you Wisconsin for your support, I’m looking forward to starting off on the trail with Tim Michels tomorrow.

Thank you to my family, especially my wife Becca and my five boys. Their support means everything to me and is why I am running in this race.

I want to thank all of our volunteers, those who knocked doors, put up yard signs, and shared our message with their neighbors – without your help this campaign would not have been possible.

Thank you to the other seven candidates in this race who ran a tough race focused on the issues. The depth up and down the ballot demonstrates the strong bench in the Republican party. I know with their support our party will be victorious this November!

Finally, the people of Wisconsin know our state cannot afford four more years of the same failed leadership; I want you to know that Wisconsin’s comeback begins tonight!”Roth’s primary opponent, state Senator Patrick Testin, released a statement via Twitter Wednesday morning:“Last night may not have been the results we hoped for, but the goal of retiring Tony Evers remains the same this morning as it has since I entered this race. Today, and for the next 90 days, Republicans must come together and get to work to get our state back on track in 223.”


Roth advances to a November election against Democratic Lieutenant Governor nominee State Rep. Sara Rodriguez. Rodriguez clinched the Democratic nomination with 76.5% of the vote. Roth’s campaign sits with a sizable cash on hand lead with nearly $300,000 to Rodriguez’s $89,189. The winners of the Lieutenant Governor primaries will be paired with the winners of the gubernatorial primaries as a ticket for the November Election.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor Primary

Sara Rodriguez: 76.5%
Peng Her: 23.5%


State Rep. Sara Rodriguez (D-Brookfield) won the Democratic Lieutenant Governor Primary over Hmong Institute CEO, Peng Her. Rodriguez collected 76.5% of the vote to Her’s 23.5%.


Rodriguez advances to a November election against Republican Lieutenant Governor nominee Sen. Roger Roth. The winners of the Lieutenant Governor primaries will be paired with the winners of the gubernatorial primaries as a ticket for the November Election.

Gov. Evers Welcomes Rodriguez to the Ticket

Following Rodriguez’s victory Tuesday evening Governor Tony Evers released the following statement welcoming Sara Rodriguez to the gubernatorial ticket:

“Whether as a nurse, public health professional, small business owner, legislator, or as a working mom, Sara has dedicated her life to solving problems,” Evers said. “Throughout her career in the public and private sector, Sara has taken on hard fights and won. Sara defeated a four-term Republican incumbent in 2020 and has been a crucial voice in the legislature advocating for public education, quality and affordable healthcare, and reproductive freedom.”
Rodriguez and Governor Evers hit the road today for a round of general election campaign stops. The pair met for breakfast in Madison and then headed off for campaign stops in Stevens Point, Appleton, and Milwaukee later today.

Photo from the Evers campaign Twitter.

Republican Attorney General Primary



Eric Toney: 37.5%
Adam Jarchow: 36.9%

Eric Toney narrowly defeated primary opponent former state Representative Adam Jarchow by just around 3,500 votes.

As votes continued to be tabulated in to the early hours of this morning, Jarchow conceded the election to Toney around 1 AM. In his statement, Jarchow said that Toney has his full support and that it is time for Republicans to “unite behind Eric Toney and ensure he has the resources and support needed to fire Josh Kaul.”

Republican Secretary of State Primary

Amy Loudenbeck: 46.3%
Jay Schroeder: 39.9%
Justin Schmidtka: 13.8%

State Rep. Amy Loudenbeck (R-Clinton) beat out two other candidates for the Republican nomination for Secretary of State. Loudenbeck collected 46.3% of the vote to the nearest vote-getter Jay Schroeder’s 39.9%.

In response to her victory Loudenbeck released a statement where she said, “Wisconsin voters have taken the first step forward in the effort to restore purpose and respect to the Office of Secretary of State. I am grateful to everyone who chose me as the best candidate to take on a 44 year incumbent who has neglected the office for far too long.”


Loudenbeck advances to a November election against longtime Democratic incumbent Secretary of State Doug La Follette. La Follete managed to survive his Democratic Primary election by capturing 63% of the vote.

Democratic Secretary of State Primary

Doug La Follette (I): 63.6%
Alexia Sabor: 36.4%
Incumbent Secretary of State Doug La Follette successfully fended off a primary challenge from Alexia Sabor, the Chair of the Democratic Party of Dane County. La Follete captured 63% of the vote to Sabor’s 36%. La Follette — a member of the prominent La Follette political family — has been Secretary of State since 1983 and previously served in the position between 1975 and 1979. Sabor had been endorsed by former Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton and four members of the Wisconsin Assembly.


La Follette advances to a November election against State Rep. Amy Loudenbeck, who has campaigned on restoring confidence in the Secretary of State’s office and its role in administering elections. Loudenbeck clinched the Republican nomination with 46% of the vote among a group of two other candidates.

Key State Senate Primaries

Senate District 9 (GOP): Devin LeMahieu, 71.4%

Devin LeMahieu: 71.4%
Jeanette Deschene: 18.3%
Ruth Villareal: 10.2%


Senate Majority leader Devin LeMahieu won his primary election. LeMahieu beat challengers Jeanette Deschene and Ruth Villareal by over sixty points.


LeMahieu does not have an opponent on the ballot for the November general election, and will be the winner for the 9th Senate District pending any write-ins.

Senate District 21 (GOP): Van Wanggaard, 74.7%

Van Wanggaard: 74.7%
Jay Stone: 25.3%

State Senator Van Wanggaard (R-Racine) defeated challenger Jay Stone in the Republican Primary. Wanggaard captured 74% of the vote to Stone’s 25%.


Wanggaard does not have an opponent on the ballot for the November general election, and will be the winner for the 21st Senate District pending any write-ins.

Senate District 23 (GOP): Jesse James, 49.9%

Jesse James: 49.9%
Brian Westrate: 37.4%
Sandra Scholz: 12.7%

State Rep. Jesse James won his primary race against Sandra Scholz and Brian Westrate with nearly 50% of the vote.


James does not have an opponent on the ballot for the November general election, and will be the winner for the 23rd Senate District pending any write-ins.

0Senate District 29 (GOP): Cory Tomczyk, 43.2%

Cory Tomczyk: 43.2%
Brent Jacobson: 38.5%
Jon Kaiser: 18.3%
In the fight for former state Senator Petrowski’s seat, newcomer Cory Tomczyk came out victorious. Tomcyzk beat Mosinee Mayor Brent Jacobson by nearly five points.


Tomczyk will face democrat Bob Look in the November general election.

Wisconsin State Senate Seats with No General Election Opponent:

The above listed senate district seats have no opponent running from the opposing party in the general election. Pending any write-ins, these individuals are very likely to be elected to their respective seat.

Key State Assembly Primaries


Joel Kitchens: 77.7%
Milt Swagel: 22.3%

Rep. Joel Kitchens defeated challenger Milt Swagel, capturing nearly 78% of the total vote.


Kitchens will face democrat Roberta Thelen in the November general election.


Tyler August: 74.7%
Bart Williams: 25.3%
Assembly President Pro Tempore Tyler August won his primary race against Bart Williams 74.7% to 25.3%.
Representative August will now go on to face Democrat Adam Jamarillo in the general election in November.



Robert Brooks: 80.6%
Samuel Kreig: 19.4%

State Rep. Robert Brooks (R-Saukville) defeated his challenger in the Republican primary by nearly sixty points. This is the second election cycle in a row in which Brooks has faced a primary challenge.


Brooks will be face off against democrat Daniel Larsen in November.


Robin Vos: 51.3%
Adam Steen: 48.7%

Speaker Robin Vos won his primary race against his Trump-endorsed opponent Adam Steen. Vos beat Steen 51.3% to 48.7%. Speaker Vos will now go on to be the likely winner of the November General Election.


Speaker Vos does not have an opponent on the ballot for the November general election, and will be the winner for the 63rd Assembly District pending any write-ins.


Bob Donovan: 72.6%
David Karst: 20.6%
Laura Barker: 6.8%
Former Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan has emerged victorious in the Republican primary for AD 84. Donovan, who was the runner-up in the Milwaukee mayoral election this past April, defeated two candidates in the primary by nearly fifty points.
He will face democrat LuAnn Bird, the former executive director of the League of Women Voters of Wisconsin, in November.



James Edming: 63.2%
Michael Bub: 36.8%

State Representative James Edming won his primary race against Michael Bub 63.2% to 36.8%.


Rep. Edming will go on to face democrat Elizabeth Riley in the general election.


Treig Pronschinske: 77.6%
Ryan Owens: 22.4%

State Rep. Treig Pronschinske beat primary challenger Ryan Owens with 77.6% of the vote share.


Rep.Pronschinske will face democrat Maria Bamonti in the November general election.


Loren Oldenburg: 80.1%
Holly Ottesen Liska: 19.9%

State Rep. Loren Oldenburg defeated challenger Holly Ottesen Liska. Oldenburg captured 80% of the vote to Liska’s 20%.


Oldenburg will either face democrat Jayne Swiggum in the November general election.


Wisconsin State Assembly Seats with No General Election Opponent:

The above listed assembly district seats have no opponent running from the opposing party in the general election. Pending any write-ins, these individuals are very likely to be elected to their respective seat.


The below seats only have a third-party opponent running for the General Election:

Michael Best Strategies will be hosting a virtual meet & greet with unopposed candidate Dave Maxey this Friday August 12th at 8:30 AM.


For more information or to RSVP please contact Chas Schellpeper at Chas.Schellpeper@michaelbest.com by Thursday August 11th.

Democratic U.S. Senate Primary



Mandela Barnes: 77.8%
 Alex Lasry: 8.9%
Steven Olikara: 1.1%

Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes won what had become an all but symbolic primary election after his leading opponents dropped out of the race in the final weeks leading up to the election. Barnes collected nearly 78% of the vote.

In response to Barnes’ victory Tuesday night, Senator Ron Johnson (R) put out the below statement:
“Tonight it became official. The leaders of the Democrat party have chosen their most radical left candidate for the U.S. Senate race. It sure doesn’t seem like Wisconsin voters had much of a choice in the matter. These are the same elite leaders who want to ‘fundamentally transform’ America. Unfortunately, now we all know what that means: Open borders, forty year high inflation, record gas prices, rising crime, the indoctrination of our children, and a baby formula shortage…”
Barnes advances to a November election against incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson. According to the latest MU Law School poll, if the election were held in June, Johnson and Barnes would be within the margin of error with Barnes at 46% and Johnson at 44%. Johnson’s campaign also sits with a major cash on hand lead with over $2 million to Barnes’ $990,495.

Democratic 3rd CD Primary

Brad Pfaff: 30.9%
Deb McGrath: 19.1%
Rebecca Cooke: 31.1%
Mark Neuman: 10.8%

Former State Representative Brad Pfaff will be looking to keep the 3rd Congressional District seat blue as we look to the November general election. Pfaff defeated his nearest primary opponent Rebecca Cooke by nearly eight points.

He will now go on to face Republican Derrick Van Orden in the November general election. Van Orden’s campaign sits with a major cash on hand lead with over $1.9 million to Pfaff’s $542,509.

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