Current Lieutenant Governor and Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate Mandela Barnes is out with his first ad since his primary election victory August 9th. His campaign said the spot is part of a multi-million dollar buy on broadcast, cable and digital that will run throughout the state.

The ad open with Barnes going through a school cafeteria line. “After every election we get handed the same thing — and none of it’s good,” Barnes says as the lunch server plops food on his tray. “I say we change things up,” he adds. The spot then shows Barnes walking through a school hallway recounting his familial background; his mom was a teacher and his dad worked third shift. Barnes then calls for middle-class tax cuts and making things in Wisconsin as he picks up a stack of pizzas from a delivery man. The spot then shows Barnes delivering the pizzas to kids in a cafeteria where he says “if we want to change Washington, we’ve got to change the people we send there.”

Barnes will face off against incumbent Senator Ron Johnson in the November 8th general election.

Watch the ad: Cafeteria – YouTube

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