One Nation, an advocacy group that is affiliated with Senate Republicans, has launched a new advertisement that praises incumbent U.S. Senator Ron Johnson for “fighting for relief at the pump.” The ad will be run on broadcast and cable television, as well as radio and digital platforms, through Labor Day. The ad buy comes at a cost of $3.2 million, which is in addition to the $5.8 million in advertisements that the group has reserved in Wisconsin.

The ad features an electrical contractor from Clinton, Wisconsin, who says that “policies from liberals in Washington” are to blame for rising energy prices. He notes that Johnson voted to finish the construction of the Keystone pipeline and sought to increase American oil gas and production. The ad ends by asking the viewer to tell Johnson to “keep fighting to restore American energy independence.”

See the TV ad here: ON: “Kevin” 30s – WI – YouTube

Listen to the radio version here: ON: “Real Difference” Radio – WI – YouTube

See the digital spot here: ON: “Kevin” 15s – WI – YouTube

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