Warning signs occur all the time in business. Sometimes, they are noticed, and sometimes not. Sometimes, they are ignored altogether until a crisis hits. Warning signs are recognized through discipline and perspective. Conducting a comprehensive threat analysis is one of the most effective ways to prepare for a crisis. The Crisis Threat Matrix helps you identify risks and vulnerabilities that are “most likely’ to occur and would “cause the most damage.”

In this webinar, Principal & Senior Advisor Jeffrey Remsik will review how two companies used the Crisis Threat Matrix to:

  • Identify which stakeholders to include.
  • Decide what type of information was needed from internal and external stakeholders.
  • Determine best methods to collect and analyze information.
  • Prepare their Threat Matrix and plan accordingly.

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Jeffrey has decades of crisis management and communications expertise, ranging from smoldering crisis situations involving major liability lawsuits and government enforcement actions, to plant explosions with multiple employee deaths and injuries. He has helped scores of companies develop and understand their Crisis Threat Matrix. So join us for a one-hour webinar on the ins and outs of threats and how to mitigate them to help your business thrive.

Bio Link Jeffrey has more than 30 years of professional experience in public relations, public affairs, and marketing campaigns in both the public and private sectors, specializing in the healthcare, financial services, professional services, real estate, and construction industries. He teaches clients how what they say and do is just one element of many that combine to create the public image of a company. Expertise: Strategic Communications, Public Affairs, Public Relations, and Crisis Communications