Wisconsin Election Results

November 8th, 2022

Quick Hits

Statewide office and legislative primary elections were held yesterday, Tuesday November 8th, 2022.

Below are the currently projected winners of the statewide races with 99% precincts reporting:

  • Governor’s Race:
    • Tony Evers (D-Inc.): 51.2%
    • Tim Michels (R): 47.8%
  • U.S. Senate Race:
    • Ron Johnson (R-Inc.): 50.5%
    • Mandela Barnes (D): 49.5%
  • Attorney General Race
    • Josh Kaul (D-Inc.): 50.7%
    • Eric Toney (R): 49.3%
  • 3rd Congressional District (with 75.17% of the Estimated Vote counted):
    • Derrick Van Orden (R): 52.0%
    • Brad Pfaff (D): 48.0%
  • Secretary of State: 
    • Doug LaFollette (D-Inc.): 48.3%
    • Amy Loudenbeck (R): 48.1%
    • State law allows candidates to request a recount anytime the difference is under 1%. The State will pay for the recount if the difference is under .5%.
  • State Treasurer:
    • John Lieber (R): 49.7%
    • Aaron Richardson (D): 48.1%
  • Legislative races:
    • There will be a total of 31 new law makers.
    • GOP picks up 1 seat in the State Senate to hold a 22-11 majority.
    • GOP picks up 3 seats in the State Assembly to hold a 64-35 majority.

Evers Officially Re-Elected Governor

Image.jpgWith 99% of precincts reporting, incumbent Governor Tony Evers won re-election over businessman and Republican challenger Tim Michels in the race for Wisconsin governor.

  • Tony Evers (D-Inc.): 51.2%
  • Tim Michels (R): 47.8%

Michels’ Concession Speech

Tim Michels conceded early Wednesday morning, stating that “It wasn’t our night tonight and I thank everyone for all of your support… Unfortunately the math doesn’t add up. It was a very spirited effort.”

Evers’ Acceptance Speech

Early Wednesday morning Evers delivered an acceptance speech to a room of his supporters in Madison. In his victory speech Evers said that he was “jazzed as hell” by the outcome of the race, and noted that “As it turns out, boring wins.” Evers stated that his victory was a win for reproductive rights, public schools, clean energy, and investment in state infrastructure.

Key Insights

Overall, the 2022 gubernatorial race was quite different than Evers’ first election in 2018. Some key items of note:

  • Turnout was approximately 25,000 votes lower than 2018;
  • Evers received at least 31,000 more votes than he did in 2018;
  • Michels received at least 29,000 fewer votes than Walker in 2018.

Johnson Officially Re-Elected to U.S. Senate

With 99% of precincts reporting, Senator Ron Johnson has won re-election to the U.S. Senate for a third term, garnering 50.5% of the vote against Democratic challenger Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes.

  • Ron Johnson (R-Inc.): 50.5%
  • Mandela Barnes (D): 49.5%

Johnson released a written statement Wednesday morning declaring victory. “Truth has prevailed over lies and the politics of personal destruction. I want to thank my family and everyone who supported me and worked so hard to save this U.S. Senate seat. I will do everything I can to help make things better for Wisconsinites and to heal and unify our country,” he said.

Barnes conceded the race to Johnson Wednesday afternoon in Milwaukee’s Sherman Park neighborhood, where he delivered a speech to a group of his supporters. “Obviously this is not the speech that I wanted to give,” Barnes told the crowd, “but I still cannot thank you all enough for being there with me every step of the way. You showed the progress that we make when we build a coalition. When we reach across the aisle, when we reach across communities, think about the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us.”

Kaul Re-Elected to Attorney General

With 99% of precincts reporting, incumbent Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul has 50% of the vote and leads over GOP challenger and Fond du Lac County District Attorney Eric Toney. Kaul will be the re-elected Attorney General. We will continue to update these numbers, and look more closely at turnout and performances of the candidates, but to this point:

  • Josh Kaul (D-Inc.): 50.7%
  • Eric Toney (R): 49.3%

Early Wednesday morning, GOP challenger Eric Toney conceded to Kaul stating that he did not see a path to victory. Toney stated the election was fair, and “certainty” was the main reason for his concession. Kaul also issued a statement early Wednesday morning stating:

Earlier tonight, I spoke with District Attorney Eric Toney, who offered his congratulations. I want to thank him for running a hard-fought race. I’m grateful that Wisconsinites have put their trust in me to serve as Attorney General for another four years, and I look forward to the work ahead of us as we continue to deliver results and work to build safer and stronger communities across the state.”

When comparing the race to 2018:

  • Turnout was approximately 16,000 votes lower than 2018;
  • Kaul received at least 23,900 more votes than he had in 2018;
  • Toney received at least 6,997 more votes than Schimmel in 2018.


As current results stand, Republicans look likely to make one change to the composition of Wisconsin’s Congressional Delegation as a result of the 2022 election. It looks likely that Republicans will add an additional seat to hold a 6-2 majority on the House seats. The race of note is in the 3rd Congressional District.

Congressman Ron Kind D-La Crosse announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking re-election, leaving the 3rd Congressional District as an open seat. In 2020, Van Orden lost to Kind when he only captured 48.6% of the vote. Currently, Republican Derrick Van Orden will likely defeat state Senator Brad Pfaff to flip control of the seat to Republicans. With 75% of precincts reporting, Van Orden leads Pfaff 52% to 48%.


State Senate Races

Wisconsin State Senate Election Results:
Note these results are not official and subject to final canvas and potential recounts. But as of 9:00 AM on November 9th;

  • Republicans: 22 seats (NET GAIN +1)
  • Democrats: 11 seats

Republicans entered election night with a 21 to 12 majority with 7 incumbents not seeking re-election:

  • District 5- Dale Kooyenga (R)
  • District 15- Janis Ringhand (D)
  • District 19- Roger Roth (R)
  • District 23- Kathy Bernier (R)
  • District 25- Janet Bewley (D)
  • District 27- Jon Erpenbach (D)
  • District 29- Jerry Petrowski (R)

Tonight, Republicans captured 1 previously Democratic-held seat by flipping the seat in the 25th Senate District and will now enter the 2023-2034 Legislative Session with a 22-to-11 majority.


Competitive Senate Races

Most of the political attention regarding State Senate races was focused on 4 seats. Republicans needed to pick up one additional seat to achieve a veto- proof majority.

The two seats that Republicans looked to protect are:

  • District 5
  • District 19

The two seats that Republicans looked to target are:

  • District 25
  • District 31


As of today, the results in these competitive Senate Districts as of 9 AM were as follows:

  • District 5 (with 73% of precincts reporting)
    • Rob Hutton (R): 53%
    • Jessica Katzenmeyer (D): 46%
  • District 19 (with 71% of precincts reporting)
    • Rachel Cabral-Guevara (R): 54%
    • Kristin Alfheim (D): 46%
  • District 25 (with 86% of precincts reporting)
    • Romaine Quinn (R): 57%
    • Kelly Westlund (D): 43%
  • District 31 (with 99% of precincts reporting)
    • Jeff Smith (D-Inc.): 50%
    • David Estenson (R): 49%

Unopposed Senate Races

5 candidates were unopposed or only faced write-in candidates in the general election:

State Assembly Races

Wisconsin State Assembly Election Results:

Note these results are not official and subject to final canvas and potential recounts. But as of 9:00 AM on November 9th:

  • Republicans: 64 Seats (NET GAIN +3)
  • Democrats: 35 Seats



Republicans came out of the 2020 Elections with a 61 to 38 majority in the State Assembly. Republicans entered election night with a 61 to 38 majority and 23 vacancies. The following 23 seats were vacant this election:

  • District 5- Jim Steineke (R)
  • District 6- Gary Tauchen (R)
  • District 10- David Bowen (D)
  • District 13- Sara Rodriguez (D)
  • District 15- Joe Sanfelippo (R)
  • District 19- Jonathan Brostoff (D)
  • District 27- Tyler Vorpagel (R)
  • District 31- Amy Loudenbeck (R)
  • District 33- Cody Horlacher (R)
  • District 45- Mark Spreitzer (D)
  • District 46- Gary Hebl (D)
  • District 52- Jeremy Thiesfeldt (R)
  • District 54- Gordon Hintz (D)
  • District 55- Rachel Cabral-Guebara (R)
  • District 59- Tim Ramthun (R)
  • District 61- Sam Kerkman (R)
  • District 68- Jesse James (R)
  • District 73- Nick Milroy (D)
  • District 74- Beth Meyers (D)
  • District 79- Dianne Hesselbein (D)
  • District 80- Sondy Pope (D)
  • District 82- Ken Skowronski (R)
  • District 84- Mike Kuglitsch (R)

Competitive Assembly Races
Most of the political attention regarding State Assembly races was focused on 9 seats. In order to achieve a veto-proof majority, Republicans needed to protect all 61 seats they currently hold. The most vulnerable of those seats they needed to protect are:

  • District 21
  • District 51
  • District 55
  • District 84
  • District 85


Additionally, Republicans also needed to pick up 4 of the competitive Republican leaning seats which have historically been held by Democrats, these are:

  • District 13
  • District 73
  • District 74
  • District 94


As of today, the results in these competitive Assembly Districts as of 9 AM were as follows:

  • District 13 (with 74% of precincts reporting)
    • Tom Michalski (R): 56%
    • Sarah Harrison (D): 44%
  • District 21 (with 74% of precincts reporting)
    • Jessie Rodriguez (R-Inc.): 54%
    • Nathan Jurowski (D): 48%
  • District 51 (with 87% of precincts reporting)
    • Todd Novak (R-Inc.): 56%
    • Leah Spicer (D): 44%
  • District 55 (with 71% of precincts reporting)
    • Nate Gustafson (R): 54%
    • Stefanie Holt (D): 45%
  • District 84 (with 73% of precincts reporting)
    • Bob Donovan (R): 51%
    • LuAnn Bird (D): 49%
  • District 85 (with 99% of precincts reporting)
    • Pat Snyder (R-Inc.): 56%
    • Kristin Conway (D): 44%
  • District 73 (with 92% of precincts reporting)
    • Angie Sapik (R): 51%
    • Laura Gapske (D): 49%
  • District 74 (with 76% of precincts reporting)
    • Chanz Green (R): 52%
    • John Adams: 48%
  • District 94 (with 78% of precincts reporting)
    • Steve Doyle (D-Inc.): 51%
    • Ryan Huebsch (R): 49%

Lightly Competitive Assembly Races
In order to reach a veto-proof majority Republicans needed to pick up at least one of 6 Democratic-leaning or “lightly competitive” seat. These seats are:

  • District 14
  • District 23
  • District 45
  • District 54
  • District 57
  • District 71


Today, the results in these lightly competitive districts as of 9 AM were as follows:

  • District 14 (with 75% of precincts reporting)
    • Robyn Vining (D-Inc.): 63%
    • Keva Turner (R): 36%
  • District 23 (with 80% of precincts reporting)
    • Deb Andraca (D-Inc.): 63%
    • Purnima Nath (R): 37%
  • District 45 (with 63% of precincts reporting)
    • Clifton Anderson (D): 56%
    • Jeff Klett (R): 44%
  • District 54 (with 67% of precincts reporting)
    • Lori Palmeri (D): 54%
    • Donnie Herman (R): 46%
  • District 57 (with 66% of precincts reporting)
    • Lee Snodgrass (D-Inc.): 59%
    • Andrew Fox (R): 40%
  • District 71 (with 63% of precincts reporting)
    • Katrina Shankland (D-Inc.): 57%
    • Scott Soik (R): 42%

Unopposed Assembly Races

In this election, 25 candidates were unopposed or only faced write-in candidates in the general election:

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