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  • November 8th Election Results
  • New Legislative Faces
  • Assembly & Senate GOP Caucus Elections
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November 8th Election Results 

In case you missed it, statewide office and legislative elections were held on Tuesday, November 8th.

Below are the quick hits from the results of Tuesday’s elections: 

Governor’s Race

  • Tony Evers (D-Inc.): 51.2%
  • Tim Michels (R): 47.8%

U.S. Senate Race 

  • Ron Johnson (R-Inc.): 50.5%
  • Mandela Barnes (D): 49.5%

Since yesterday’s Election alert was released, Mandela Barnes gave a speech to his supporters in which he conceded to Ron Johnson.

During the speech at Milwaukee’s Sherman Park Barnes told the crowd, “Obviously this is not the speech I wanted to give, but I still cannot thank you all enough for being there with me every step of the way… You showed the progress that we make when we build a coalition. When we reach across the aisle, when we reach across communities, think about the things that unite us rather than the things that divide us. When we stand and we say that we deserve better and that together we’ll fight for it, it’ll get better.”  

Attorney General’s Race 

  • Josh Kaul (D-Inc.): 50.7%
  • Eric Toney (R): 49.3%

3rd Congressional District Race 

  • Derrick Van Orden (R): 52.0%
  • Brad Pfaff (D): 48.0%

Secretary of State’s Race

  • Doug LaFollette (D-Inc.): 48.3%
  • Amy Loudenbeck (R): 48.1%

State Treasurer’s Race 

  • John Lieber (R): 49.7%
  • Aaron Richardson (D): 48.1%

Legislative Races 

  • There will be a total of 31 new law makers.
  • GOP picks up 1 seat in the State Senate to hold a 22-11 majority.
  • GOP picks up 3 seats in the State Assembly to hold a 64-35 majority.

Find the full analysis and all results here:

November 8th Elections Alert 

New Legislative Faces 

In case you missed it, there will be 31 new lawmakers entering the state legislature next session. During Tuesday’s general election, one incumbent legislator was defeated.

The new legislators entering the State Senate will be: 

The new legislators in the State Assembly will be: 

Find the full analysis and biographies for new legislators here:

New Legislative Faces Alert

Assembly & Senate GOP Caucuses Elect Leadership 

In case you missed it, on Thursday Assembly & Senate Republicans caucused to elect leadership for the 2023-2024 session.

Heading into the next session, Assembly GOP Leadership will be: 

  • Speaker of the Assembly – Robin Vos
  • Assembly Majority Leader – Tyler August
  • Speaker Pro Tempore – Kevin Petersen
  • Assistant Majority Leader – Jon Plumer
  • Caucus Chair – Rob Summerfield
  • Vice Caucus Chair – Cindi Duchow
  • Secretary – Nancy VanderMeer
  • Majority Caucus Sergeant at Arms – Treig Pronschinske

Senate GOP Leadership will be:

  • Senate President – Chris Kapenga
  • Senate Majority Leader – Devin LeMahieu
  • Senate President Pro Tempore – Patrick Testin
  • Assistant Leader – Dan Feyen
  • Caucus Chair – Van Wanggaard
  • Vice Chair – Joan Ballweg

Read the full alert here:

GOP Caucus Leadership Elections Alert

Upcoming Events 

Additional Upcoming Virtual Meet & Greets

November 18

Amanda Nedweski – Republican representative-elect for the 61st AD

Fundraising Opportunities 

A list of all upcoming fundraiser opportunities can be found by clicking the button below. For any questions or more information, please do not hesitate to contact your Michael Best Strategies contact.

Wisconsin Campaign Fundraisers

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