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Strategic Political Relationships

strategic political relationships

Active engagement in the political process is an opportunity to protect and advance your business and industry interests. Modern political campaign networks span the country and, in some cases, the globe, and represent a uniquely valuable intersection between businesses, major community stakeholders, and current and future government leaders. We utilize our strong relationships with state and federal campaign teams to guide our clients in creating and maximizing valuable political relationships and creating opportunities to leverage political activities and events to deliver business value.

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Steve Israel

Steve Israel, Former Member of Democratic House Leadership, Joins Board of Advisors at Michael...

Michael Best Strategies is pleased to announce that Steve Israel, a former eight-term congressman and member of the Democratic leadership in the U.S. House...
Voting booths

A Potential Break in the House’s Blue Wave

The fall midterm contests are often a national referendum on the incumbent president’s first half of his term. Historically, presidents above a 50% approval...
Colorado Capitol Building

2018 Colorado Legislative Session Highlights

The 2018 Colorado General Assembly squeezed just about every second out of the statutorily prescribed 120-day legislative session, concluding official business at 11:58 p.m....
litigation states highlighted

Redistricting: How Will the Courts’ Decision Impact 2018?

Courts cases related to redistricting are still pending based on maps in some states including Wisconsin, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, Michigan, and Georgia, leaving...
redistricing map

The State of Redistricting in the Courts

Redistricting practices are the subject of argument in federal courts across the country – including six cases (Wisconsin and Texas among them) that have...

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