A new one-minute ad released this week by U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson seeks to humanize the two-term Senator by narrating his rise from humble working-class roots to successful businessman and entrepreneur. Other than saying the ad will run on TV, further details of the buy were not provided by Johnson’s campaign. Narrated by Sen. Johnson’s brother, Dean Johnson, the ad opens with Dean saying Sen. Johnson was raised by “two loving parents with deep faith who taught him the value of work.” The ad alludes to Johnson’s work ethic by recounting jobs he had as a youth that included shoveling snow, washing dishes, and bailing hay. The spot then turns to Johnson’s family life and his marriage to Jane, his wife of 45 years, saying “his work and family define him.” Moving on to Johnson’s manufacturing business and his roll-up-one’s-sleeves-mentality, the narrator says Johnson “performed just about every task in that business. He installed and operated the equipment, loaded trucks and kept the books,” and that “his business didn’t export jobs, it exported plastic.” The add concludes with Dean Johnson saying about his brother, Sen. Johnson, that “his quiet but extensive charitable work was never done for show but simply to lend a helping hand — a value he learned from our parents. He’s my brother, and my best friend.”

Watch the ad: Humble Beginnings – YouTube

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