Michael Best Strategies is all about solutions that can strengthen and advance your business. But sometimes, executing the solution is actually easier than identifying the problem.

That’s why every client engagement is unique. We take great care to understand the nuances of your enterprise and your industry. We ask questions (a lot of questions). We peek around every corner for opportunities to help our clients protect and grow revenue, profits, and competitive advantage. We take a team approach to solutioning and execution, and our clients are the center of those teams.

Our work mostly fits into the four distinct service lines below. Please contact the President of Michael Best Strategies, Rob Marchant, if you are interested in services from the Strategies team.

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Governmental decisions are often critical to business success, and Strategies has the expertise and government relationships necessary to effectively represent clients and advocate for their interests in the lawmaking and regulatory process. We know how agendas are set and decisions are made in the legislative and administrative arms of government. We leverage this understanding to help our clients efficiently define, shape and navigate governmental decisions to obtain positive outcomes more quickly. And because our work is grounded in a business consulting approach, we develop a unique level of expertise and understanding of the issues our clients care about and the ways that policy, laws or regulations affect our client’s business and the broader community, industry, state or country. As such, we are viewed by our contacts within government as valuable, trusted sources of quality information and a bridge between government decision-makers and the people, organizations and communities impacted by those decisions. Download PDF

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public affairs

Smart business leaders know that a sound, properly-executed communications strategy is central to long-term success. A comprehensive communications plan may include crisis or issue management; media relations; litigation strategies; and internal/external stakeholder messaging. Educating and motivating key stakeholders, projecting a simple yet compelling message, implementing the right tactics, and using different communication channels to convey messages are critical steps to achieving strategic outcomes. The Public Affairs team at Michael Best Strategies has considerable experience and a proven track record in developing and delivering cogent and winning narratives that can help lay the groundwork for realizing business growth and successful public policy outcomes. Download PDF

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business and community solutions

The Michael Best Strategies Business and Community Solutions team partners with clients to navigate challenges, provide innovative solutions, and solidify operation models to help them advance their long term strategic and financial objectives. Our team provides innovative healthcare solutions (Download PDF), shared value services (Download PDF), and general consulting (Download PDF)

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strategic political relationships

Active engagement in the political process is an opportunity to protect and advance your business and industry interests. Modern political campaign networks span the country and, in some cases, the globe, and represent a uniquely valuable intersection between businesses, major community stakeholders, and current and future government leaders. We utilize our strong relationships with state and federal campaign teams to guide our clients in creating and maximizing valuable political relationships and creating opportunities to leverage political activities and events to deliver business value. Download PDF

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