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The success of most business decisions today is directly related to effective strategic communications, both internally and externally. A properly executed communications strategy ensures everyone understands the “why” of the strategy decision and “how” their daily work contributes to the overall big picture.

Michael Best Strategies has a full-service Strategic Communications team – built by proactive professionals with decades of real-world experiences and proven track records in delivering clear and winning narratives to lay the groundwork for smart business growth and successful public policy outcomes.

Here is an overview of the value-added services you can leverage to get the job done right.


Clearly define the emotional and functional promises that drive brand loyalty for your company, while creatively and consistently communicating about how your products, services, and people deliver on those promises.

Competitive Intelligence

Accurately assess your competitors, their financial capacity and management capabilities to deliver, gain new insights into the competitive marketplace and identify relevant growth opportunities.

Crisis Communications

Whether it’s having a communications strategy in place or dealing with an unexpected situation, our team develops crisis communications plans and messaging for service companies, manufacturers, and a wide assortment of businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Grassroots Advocacy

Harness the power of grassroots and grass tops efforts to put your issue on the radar with decision makers and the media.

Issues Management

Not everything is a crisis, and savvy executives know “being the rider rather than the horse” is usually the better position to be in when dealing with controversial topics.

Litigation Support

While saying little or offering no comment on major litigation is often a wise approach, the court of public opinion can sometimes be as important as the court of law.

Market Research

Gain greater insights into your customers, influencers, and employees to drive relevant conversations, deeper engagement, and prompt action.

Media and Public Relations

Combine media savvy and a clear message to frame – and win – the argument on your terms.

Strategic Communications

Consistently communicate relevant messages, through the right channels, and measured against well-defined business goals and communications outcomes. It’s the difference between doing communications stuff, and doing the right communications stuff.

Strategic Planning

Craft a winning strategy to sustainable, profitable growth, driven by a clear vision, defined mission, a strong value set connected to a larger purpose.

Meet Our Communications Team

Andrew A. Hitt

Andrew Hitt
Andrew’s Bio

Jeffrey Remsik

Jeffrey Remsik
Principal and Senior Advisor – Strategic Communications
Jeffrey’s Bio

Evan Zeppos

Evan Zeppos
Principal and Senior Public Affairs Advisor
Evan’s Bio

Joseph Fadness

Joseph Fadness
Principal and Senior Strategist
Joseph’s Bio

Margaret Fritsch

Margaret Fritsch
Senior Associate – Strategic Communications
Margaret’s Bio

Jeffrey Gallagher

Jeffrey Gallagher
Senior Public Affairs Associate
Jeffrey’s Bio

Sabrina Stencil

Sabrina Stencil
Sabrina’s Bio


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Our Communications team works with clients to ensure their digital communications strategy is effective across their website, advertising, media services, social media, and public relations efforts.
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