A new version of an ad that was originally released in June by the Evers campaign is back on the airwaves. The ad features women who are identified by their first names and that they are a “Wisconsin Mom.” In the spot, the moms promote Evers’ background as an educator and the education policies his administration has put in place. “Our schools are now ranked in the top 10 in America,” says a woman identified as Rosamaria. Another woman identified as Jen says “Evers worked with both parties to fund schools by more than we have in the past 20 years.” The ad goes on to tout Evers’ education plan that includes investment in skills training, reduced class sizes, and expanded mental health counseling. The ad concludes with a woman identified as Stacy who says “he’s doing the right thing on education.”

Watch June version here: Education | Tony for Wisconsin – YouTube

Watch new version here: Tony for Wisconsin: Parents – YouTube

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