Wisconsin Election Results

February 21, 2023

Quick Hits

Statewide spring elections were held today and at the top of the ticket was the primary for the Wisconsin State Supreme Court and the primary for the vacant 8th Senate District.

Below are the currently projected winners of key races:

  • State Supreme Court Primary (93% Reporting):
    • Janet Protasiewicz: 46%
    • Daniel Kelly: 24%
    • Jennifer Dorow: 22%
    • Everett Mitchell: 7.5%
  • 8th Senate District GOP Primary (89% Reporting):
    • Dan Knodl: 57%
    • Janel Brandtjen: 30%
    • Van Mobley: 13%
  • City of Madison Mayoral Primary (92% Reporting):
    • Satya Rhodes- Conway: 59%
    • Gloria Reyes: 28%
    • Scott Kerr: 12%

Top Two Vote-Getters Move on to General Election in SCOWIS Race

With 93% of precincts reporting, the top two vote-getters: Janet Protasiewicz and Daniel Kelly advanced to the general election in the primary race for who will become Wisconsin’s next Supreme Court Justice.

  • Janet Protasiewicz: 46.4%
  • Daniel Kelly: 24.3%
  • Jennifer Dorow: 21.8%
  • Everett Mitchell: 7.5%

In response to tonight’s results the top two candidates had the following reaction to their victory:

Janet Protasiewicz
In a speech to supporters at her election night party, Protasiewicz stated that “everything we care about is going to be determined by who wins this election.” She also took to Twitter to thank voters stating, “I’m honored we will continue on from this primary. This is just the beginning & our work is far from over. I’m counting on all of you to continue the momentum all the way thru April 4– there’s too much at stake in this election for us to take anything for granted.”
Daniel Kelly
In his victory speech on Tuesday evening, Kelly thanked supporters and said that his progressive opponent represents “dishonesty” and will attack the constitution with the “Rule of Janet.” He went on that “never before has a judicial candidate openly campaign on the specific intent to set herself above the law, to place her thumb on the scales of justice to ensure the results satisfy her person interest rather than the commands of the law.”

Field Set for 8th Senate District Race

With 89% of precincts reporting, the field is now set for who will face off in the general election to fill Sen. Alberta Darling’s vacant 8th Senate district seat.
  • Dan Knodl (R): 56.8%
  • Jodi Habush Sinykin (D): UNCONTESTED
  • Janel Brandtjen (R): 30.2%
  • Van Mobley (R): 13.1%

Other Notable Races – Madison Mayoral Primary

With 92% of precincts reporting, the field is now set for who will face off in the non-partisan race to see who the City of Madison’s next mayor will be.
  • Satya Rhodes- Conway: 59.2%
  • Gloria Reyes: 28.1%
  • Scott Kerr: 11.9%
  • Write in: 0.8%
Current Mayor Satya Rhodes- Conway is now slated to go up against former deputy mayor, school board president, and law enforcement officer Gloria Reyes in April.
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