Republican incumbent U.S. Rep. Bran Steil released the first ad of his re-election campaign this week that highlights his support for law enforcement. According to Steil’s campaign, the spot is part of a six-figure buy that will air on broadcast and cable TV across southeastern Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

The ad features a diverse group of people identified as police officers who say “there has never been a tougher time to be a police officer.” “That’s why we need leaders who will always have our back,” says a female officer. The other officers then say individually in sequence “and Bryan Steil always has our back.”

The spot then features Steil who says that he’s “fought for law enforcement officers every step of the way.” He closes the ad saying “I’m Bryan Steil and I approve this message because I will never stop working for them. Or you.”

Watch ad here: Back the Blue – YouTube

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