Communication Network

No matter your line of work, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way companies and organizations communicate with both clients and customers and with employees. In the realm of strategic communications, internal messaging is vital so that both the C-suite and employees are on the same page. Remember, every employee essentially acts as a de facto spokesperson as they go about their daily interactions with family, friends, and fellow colleagues. 

Executing effective internal communications is especially important during a time of crisis or when your company becomes the focus of intense media scrutiny. Internal communications done strategically can help in a variety of ways including:

  • Ensuring worker safety
  • Minimizing damage to your brand
  • Continuing workforce productivity
  • Building trust among employees

Is your company in need of establishing or refreshing its internal communications plan? The team of public affairs and strategic communications experts at Michael Best Strategies can assist you with this and any other communications needs you might have. Contact us – we are happy to help!

Bio Link As a senior associate with Michael Best Strategies, Jeff focuses on the areas of public affairs and public relations. Prior to joining Strategies, Jeff gained extensive media relations experience working with the Milwaukee Police Department since late 2013. Expertise: Public Relations, Public Affairs, Social Media, and Website Branding